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Temporary Queue System

Temporary Queue System



First we’d like to apologize for all the server trouble over the weekend. The insane number of users online completely broke Robocloud at times and it just could not cope. When it broke, users couldn’t login, or got other issues such as broken lobby’s, infinite ‘connecting to server…’ messages etc.

We are working hard with our service providers to solve these issues and to increase the power of the servers. In the meant time we have put in place a temporary (and it will be very temporary) queue system that will kick in when the number of users online reaches a point that will cause the servers to implode.

Once we’ve solved all this we will give out some promotional codes.


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  1. Epicpear51 says
    01/09/2014, 10:11

    does anyone else get it where it just says loading roboblocks for a long time and never actualy loads up

    • DomesticLemon says
      01/09/2014, 21:11

      Yes it happens to me to I log in it loads and then a message comes up saying there’s a general error.

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    31/08/2014, 05:27

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    31/08/2014, 05:26


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    30/08/2014, 05:47

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