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Superheroes and Villains Artbot Contest… The Winners


To coincide with the release of the new Batman LEGO movie, we challenged you to create some butt-kicking superheroes and supervillains in Robocraft.

We were inundated with all (Wayne) manner (see what I did there) of Robots from the pages of DC and Marvel comics alongside other heroes and villains from popular culture as well as some very creative ones dug up from the depths of your imaginations.

To make things easier for you, we split the competition into five categories:

  1. Comic book superheroes or their vehicles
  2. Comic book supervillains or their vehicles
  3. Superheroes or their vehicles based on your original idea
  4. Supervillains or their vehicles based on your original idea
  5. All 2D artbots

Remember, each of the winners in the five categories will receive either one week of premium membership or 25 protonium crates (if they already have lifetime premium). In addition to this, an overall winner’s robot will become a ‘Featured Robot’ in the CRF (Community Robot Factory).

So, without further ado, it’s time to announce the winners of each category, along with a special honorary mention at the end.

Category 1


3rd: DB11 Yoda and X-Wing by orange6700


2nd: DB11 CAPTAIN AMERICA by gohten


Winner: DB11 3 Heroines by Goodtimes_c

Category 2


3rd: DB11 Mr. Mxyzptlk by Goodtimes_c


2nd: DB11 Venom by hydra0818


Winner: DB11 Silver Samurai by BenIsGood

Category 3


3rd: DB11 He is a hero by pentagon1994


2nd: DB11 Cosmoneon by Vlada2000


Winner: DB11 SUPER LEFTY MAN by derpytarbosaurus

Category 4


3rd: DB11 MC Jammer by DanielDal


2nd: DB11 Glitcher’s Ship by phoenixpuzzle


Winner: DB11 Reptilius Max by jamesburberry110

Category 5


3rd: DB11 Autobots Rollout! by LockNloadBoys2


2nd: DB11 Spiderman Logo by Better526


Winner: DB11 What is he doing? by sciencewill98

Overall Winner


DB11 3 Heroines by Goodtimes_c

Honorary Mention

I wanted to give a special recognition to Vasdef for their submissions this week. While they didn’t make the final list, as a collection, they were brilliant! Well done. They wouldn’t look out of place in an Adam Sandler movie (that was a compliment haha).