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Spotting and Robot Shop

Spotting and Robot Shop


The ‘red tag’ system has been overhauled to allow more stealthy play, and to allow for more team play by introducing a new ‘Spotting’ system.

  • Put your target crosshair on an enemy and push ‘Q’ to ‘spot’ them
  • ‘Spotting’ an enemy will display the red tag for 15 seconds
  • ‘Spotting’ an enemy will also alert your team mates with a ‘blip’ on their HUD map, a sound effect, and some voice over from your robocom saying “Enemy Spotted”

NB: The VO will be upgraded for the next launch to tell you information about the enemy also (i.e. “Gunbed spotted” or “Rail drone spotted”)
If you miss with the ‘spot’ you will not be able to attempt another spot for 5 seconds, this is to prevent ‘spot spamming’

  • If you are the first to ‘spot’ an enemy, then you will get the ‘Scout Bonus’
  • You can ‘spot’ enemies multiple times to keep their red tag on screen
  • Enemy Radars and Receivers now make the red tag appear even when you are behind a mountain
  • Radars make the tag appear for you, and Receivers will pick up the tags from your Allys radar making these cubes types, and Jammers also more useful
  • Jammers do not ‘jam’ manual ‘spotting’ though (i.e. by pressing ‘Q’) as that is simply the Pilot’s eyes observing the enemy and communicating via Robocom to your team mates


Acknowledging the frustration from the users surrounding the Rail Cannon being so powerful, and users who get frustrated with repeated nerfs we’ve made some changes to the Rail Cannon game mechanics. Our main objective was to maintain the awesome power of the Rail Cannon so the ‘fear of Rail’ remained, whilst making playing against Rail Cannon’s a bit more interesting and fun.

  • Moving the camera now reduces the accuracy of a Rail Cannon for a short period of time, due to the turret movement
  • Keeping your aim steady for a short time will regain full accuracy in 2 seconds
  • Firing a shot from the Rail will also trigger a loss of accuracy for a short period of time, so firing off 6 shots like a machine gun will give you poor accuracy at long range
  • Push ‘R’ to reload, reloading after taking just one shot will reload faster
  • Middle Mouse wheel down will also reload


You can now purchase Robots that have been designed by Freejam using Galaxy Cash. Or, you can copy the designs on your own Robots if you wish. Once the Robot is purchased, the cubes are yours, so you can keep it, dismantle it, modify it, whatever you wish – just like a Lego kit.

  • By buying a Robot you will get the following:
  • 1 x Extra Garage Slot
  • Extra Premium
  • Some Costmetic Cubes
  • All the cubes used in the Robot added to your Inventory
  • All the cubes used in the Robot unlocked on the Tech Tree

*If you do not have enough CPU to house the Robot you will get a temporary boost. But as you level up, this boost will be removed. It is NOT possible to get extra CPU over players who do not buy a Robot, the 1511 CPU max cap applies to everyone.


  • There is NOTHING in these Robots that will help you in combat that you cannot get for FREE just by playing Robocraft
  • What you are really buying is a Robot designed by Freejam, and a temporary shortcut to getting the cubes in that Robot
  • These Robots are good, but they are not ‘best in class’
  • These Robots will NOT make you win, there will always be a bigger, badder Robot than yours in every Tier you play


  • Platoon queue times should now be improved, and Platoons should now be more reliable
  • We improved the Lobby, so you should find it more reliable and you don’t need to re-login as much when waiting for a long time, we are aiming for all games to launch within 60 seconds, but often much faster than that


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  1. skyline21312 says
    27/08/2014, 19:56

    Developers you ruined the tech tree now you cant make an flying sinper until tier 4 (rail canon t4 and helium its t4 too

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