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Sneaky Peek: OS and Leagues and Megabots oh my!

Sneaky Peek: OS and Leagues and Megabots oh my!

Something for everyone. New OS’s, ranked leagues and of course, megabots with decimating doom cannons. Enjoy!



We have completed the work to get the Mac and Linux versions up and running and they are in test now and will launch very soon via Steam.


Everyone has seen them. The guy who put his Rail guns too close together, or the guy that overlapped the EP or Thrusters to create uber armour, or the guy who managed to put cubes in front of the gun with the barrel poking through. We’ve reworked the way that the placement collision detection works so this is not possible. Overlapped cubes will be coloured red so you can tell where you have to tweak your Robot. If you have used placement glitches to build your current Robot, the new system will ask you to tweak your Robot before allowing you to enter battle.


The spotting system as it currently stands is only half done. Soon we will launch the other half, which is as follows:

  • Robots will be classified, so rather than hearing “Enemy spotted” you will hear things like “Rail Drone Spotted” or “Plasma Bomber Spotted” or “Gunbed Spotted”
  • Robot classifications will b e shown as icons above the enemies head as well, in place of the current small hexagon icon
  • Robot classification icons will show both the armour class (based on the dominant armour in an enemies chassis) and the weapon class
  • This way when a spot occurs you will be able to see and hear the class of Robot you have spotted, and you will be able to modify your strategy accordingly
  • We will also be adding a ‘spot cool down indicator’ in the HUD, so if you miss, you know how long you have to wait before pushing ‘Q’ again for a 2nd attempt



  • Our first short season on the Robo-leagues will launch with qualification starting at T6
  • Qualify for a league and get a coloured username in the chat, and the [QX] tag added to your username (‘X’ defines highest Tier you have qualified in)
  • Reach the top 25% in each Tier’s league and receive ‘Elite’ status
  • Elite status also gets you an ‘EX’ tag and a unique colour for your chat username
  • Elite status in any league also unlocks new cosmetic cubes that you receive for free that can add to your Robot to show your Elite status


  • Unlock a new game mode from T7-10
  • A new button unlocks to allow you to chose to play in ‘Mini-Boss Battles’
  • Mini-Boss battles pit 4 x high Tier Robots vs. 20 mid Tier Robots in a ‘King of the Hill’ style game mode



  • We are working hard to bring you these as soon as possible now. We want to get you this inside a couple of months
  • Mega-Motherships, Mega-SMG’s, Mega-Wheels, and Mega-Pilot seats all feature
  • Place 10,000 CPU and play as the boss vs. 30 low Tier players
  • Both Low Tier players and Bosses will receive extra RP and TP for being involved in these epic battles

And Finally!

Free 1-day premium as a thank you for everyone’s patience while we dealt with the recent server troubles 🙂


Be warned. It will not be usable after midnight on Monday 25th (BST).


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  1. Stalker100x says
    05/09/2014, 12:08

    а почему в робокрафт вопще долго заходится я ни разу не дождался исправте это и как можно быстрей

  2. Thrlonius57 says
    05/09/2014, 05:09

    yep yep yep

  3. ArtyomartyoM says
    01/09/2014, 16:15

    скорее бы…

  4. elcisco says
    31/08/2014, 18:37

    I need help my robocraft dont operate please help me

    • Epicpear51 says
      01/09/2014, 09:55

      what does it say mine says joining robocraft and does not move from that point

      • OutsideInsideGaming says
        05/09/2014, 04:58

        Right now we can see RoboCraft is in maintence for you not able to join Check the forums now and then to see if RoboCraft is back up Thanks A Normal Player (OutsideInsideGaming)

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