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Robocraft Shortlisted! Please Vote Again!


Thanks to everyone for getting us this far!

Robocraft has been shortlisted into the final round of voting!

If you think Robocraft deserves to win “Best Indie Game of the Year”, please take the time to vote again!


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  1. Dalarrin says
    24/12/2014, 01:24

    you will get my vote when i dont get disconnected 10 times a day because they cant handle people logging on after an update

  2. RobotNubNub says
    23/12/2014, 22:27

    mang I need my nuts and bolts blocks and other robotcraft affiliated stuff type kind of fix why cant i log on

  3. Darth____Vader says
    23/12/2014, 22:11

    is it still down

  4. coronaking says
    23/12/2014, 15:52

    best game ever i can literary play this for 10 hours straight and not wanna stop.

  5. Daniel399 says
    23/12/2014, 14:39


  6. ingadina32 says
    23/12/2014, 14:26

    крутая игра

  7. dzyinka says
    21/12/2014, 19:08

    this game is just amazing i cant stop playing it well done guys and merry christmas

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