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“Rise of the Walkers” – Hot Fix #2

Version 0.7.855


As you have probably experienced, we have been having a lot of trouble getting these to work with 15k users online at once. It exposed a few bugs that didn’t show up in our tests (we have just 10 devs on the team). We are very sorry about the delays and outages, but we are getting closer to stability now


NB: Boss Battles have been heavily rationed with each T7+ user being able to play one boss battle every 48 hours. We know this sucks and we fully intend to reduce this cool-down time as we stabilise everything. This was an extreme measure taken to ensure a more stable service for all.


Other Changes

  • Audio effects fixed, so volume setting now works properly, and Nano and Walker Legs not overly loud
  • FPS optimised
  • Thruster force buffed a little at low Tiers and a lot at high Tiers (25% at T10)
  • Rail Cannon damage buff that didn’t get through yesterday – apologies again – is live now, so Rails are 25% more powerful now
  • Fixed a crash when using the Nano Disruptor
  • Fixed the ‘pink beam’ effects bug on the Nano



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  1. ianp101 says
    16/10/2014, 03:52

    I feel like you should allow Boss Battles at tier 5, rather than tier 7. It seems a lot more secluded than it should be, (unless there’s rewards like premium time and what not). At tier 5, the only things that you should not have unlocked are the nano-healing beams and the walker legs. Coming from a guy at tier 4, I firmly believe that these changes would help promote the community a little more to start grinding more than their current tiers, (2+3 mainly), as well as present some interesting premium ideas. If anything, change the MM requirements to Premium and tier 5, or standard and tier 7. Just an idea.

    • Void_Phantom_X says
      16/10/2014, 10:40

      you cant grind / farm any more since the ROTW update

  2. ShockHerman says
    15/10/2014, 22:34

    Was in one of the english chat lobbies and a tier 5 and below told me he entered boss battle while waiting to enter a standard match, said he was not in a platoon, but I was not sure if he was trolling just to mess with me and the other people in the chat lobby or that it actually a happened.

    • Sabrecat says
      17/10/2014, 00:53

      Nope … T5-6 can now enter boss fights. You also do NOT have to be in a platoon to enter a boss fight

  3. baboboy says
    15/10/2014, 17:53

    oh no i hate the boss battles sorry for my english.

  4. mikelaw says
    14/10/2014, 12:12

    Sucks, boss battles got disabled bout an hour before i was allowed to queue for a match. lol

  5. RazielReaver says
    14/10/2014, 04:30

    I cant do boss battle 🙁

    • Void_Phantom_X says
      14/10/2014, 10:47

      same here

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