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Robostream – Thanksgiving Food Fight


Time for a special Thanksgiving food themed Livestream

Come hang out with LeftofNever and Drognin along with some backup from DanSupportJammer as they battle the masses armed with nothing more than some seasonal vegetables.

That’s right! In the livestream we will have a world first look at seasonal vegetable support in Robocraft.

Ever wanted to know what’s it’s like to control a tank with a tiny pumpkin, some potatoes and a leek? Tune in!

We’ll be showcasing some of the beautiful tanks submitted in our ‘Tanksgiving’ Artbot contest.
To find those robots yourself on the CRF, search “DB8”!

The stream will begin on Friday November 25th at 16:00 (UTC)

We’ll be queue syncing so anyone in the chat is welcome to queue into battles with us on the stream!

Click here to go directly to the stream!

Click here to see exactly how long until the stream starts!