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Robostream – Christmas Special


Rockin’ Around The Hellion Crater Tree

It’s the last Robostream of 2016 and we’re pulling out all the stops!

Join us for an hour of silly hats, mince pies and Robocraft-related shenanigans.

Come hang out with LeftOfNever and whoever is left in the office as they play some games of Robocraft’s latest game mode – BRAWL.

We’ll also be announcing the winners of our festive-themed Artbot Contest.

To find those robots yourself on the CRF, search “DB9”

The stream will begin on Friday, December 23rd at 16:00 (UTC)

We’ll be queue syncing so anyone in the chat is welcome to queue into battles with us on the stream!

Click here to go directly to the stream!

Click here to see exactly how long until the stream starts!