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Roboshield and EAC Privacy Details

What Data is captured and stored by Roboshield / EAC?

EAC records all the information listed below, and only the information listed below, for the purposes of detecting and preventing cheating in Robocraft and other games that use EAC for this purpose, and for no other reason. Additionally EAC only captures this information when Robocraft is running. The following data is captured and stored by EAC:

  • GUID – this is simply your username in Robocraft
  • IP – your IP address
  • HardwareID
  • Executable code memory – this is explained in more detail below

For clarity, EAC does NOT capture, store, or share ‘screenshots’, ‘key presses’, or ‘chat messages’ at all.

Why does Roboshield / EAC capture and store ‘executable code memory’?

When Robocraft is running – and only when it is running – EAC scans the memory of executable code (i.e. not data) running on your system at the time, for the exclusive purpose of trying to detect attempts to interfere or modify the Robocaft game logic. EAC sends this data to a back-end server for analysis. The reason for capturing and storing this is so that EAC can ‘post process’ the patterns in the memory to detect new methods of hacking and cheating in Robocraft. The following steps are taken with the data captured:

  1. Analysis: Data captured when Robocraft is running is sent from your computer to the EAC back-end for analysis. If nothing abnormal is detected (i.e. no attempts to cheat or hack in Robocraft) then this memory is discarded forever.
  2. Red Flag Analysis: If unknown abnormal patterns are found, EAC stores these pieces of information for manual analysis. If the pattern doesn’t prove to repeat itself, and/or, not to be a cheat, then EAC discards it, usually within one month, but at the most within three months.
  3. Known Patterns: If a known cheat pattern is found, that piece of memory is stored indefinitely as evidence, and in rare cases this allows bans that have been triggered due to false positives (e.g. by software compatibility issues) to be evaluated and possibly lifted.

For the sake of clarity, EAC only handles data relevant to the identification of cheats. EAC does not target nor store any data identifying individual users outside of their Robocraft user ID, HardwareID, and IP address.

Who does EAC Share the data with?

  • Only Freejam, EAC employees, and soon Robocraft Community Admins, have access to stored information such as GUID, ban reason, ban time, and game server on which was cheated.
  • EAC may hire services that could be considered as 3rd party who may require access to the databases to work effectively. These 3rd parties may e.g. be subcontracted employees. The sole purpose is to develop competent anti-cheat software and all data is guarded with the utmost care.