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Robonews – Issue #3

Fresh off the press from Robonews, the galaxy’s number one robo-political information service!


This week’s Robonews is brought to you by Bang Bang Badger Inc.


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  1. Okiam666 says
    18/10/2014, 16:08

    muito boa essa arma mas deveria ter um bust de jogar um raio que da dano no inimigo a distancia como outras armas pq ele preciza ficar muito tempo perto totalmente vulnerável

  2. BioHazrdous says
    16/10/2014, 20:54

    they will never find the CF-ALLIANCE hehehehehhehehehehe

  3. thefamangus says
    08/10/2014, 16:26

    Every body! We have all got to buy bagders QUIKK BEFORE THEY RUN OUT!!!

  4. blootiger27 says
    07/10/2014, 18:35

    I love these newspaper posts FreeJam. Including all the little stuff you add at the bottom and things like that. Speaking of which… I’ve always wanted a badger!

  5. d4niel95 says
    06/10/2014, 20:52

    good idea with this newspaper news but I can’t read this on my smart phone, its too small. If there was letters I would read it but here is the picture and I can’t enlarge

  6. Jia Liu says
    06/10/2014, 19:34

    If there can be a heal-gun can there be a leech-gun :3

  7. sasha0074591 says
    06/10/2014, 17:45

    ребят, чё новые пухи добавят

  8. SnarlTheBeast says
    06/10/2014, 15:53

    From what I can tell, the update will be today. Each ROBONEWS came out 3 days apart, at exactly 12:00. On the 8th, I think the update will be available to everyone, and today, at 12:00, the update will be out for premium members.

    • macrus says
      08/10/2014, 22:26

      me digam como posso atualizar

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