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Robonews – Issue #2

Fresh off the press from Robonews, the galaxy’s number one robo-political information service!



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  1. Warlock says
    05/10/2014, 10:34

    Достали своей писаниной кормить. с 28 августа жду обновлений нормальных….

  2. Obelisk429 says
    05/10/2014, 02:30

    can’t wait for this update

  3. spineless says
    05/10/2014, 01:46

    if the nano distributor is indeed a weapon/ “hardware”/ and not a “special” item then it may have two modes, 1) it would deconstruct enemy bots while repairing your own, 2) would repair ally bots and your bot.

    as a “special” item, the player would have to be out of combat for a few seconds then be activated by pressing a key releasing the nano cloud repairing yourself and nearby ally bots.

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