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Robonews – Issue #1

Fresh off the pressĀ from Robonews, the galaxy’s number one robo-political information service!




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  1. craftedlavaistrue says
    05/10/2014, 12:17

    maybe this is a prologue to the megabots!

    • 7thScale says
      05/10/2014, 13:57

      No… It couldn’t be!

  2. JackSpydr says
    04/10/2014, 07:32


  3. 03/10/2014, 01:44

    LOL it costs “$79,000.00”

  4. BottestRobot says
    02/10/2014, 23:59

    I am still waiting for ‘tomorrows issue’. I guess it wasnt to be taken literally.

    • cougarslash says
      03/10/2014, 10:51

      well, maybe a day in Robocraft is like 5 months in the real world o_o

  5. MegaBB says
    02/10/2014, 23:19

    Nice to see some soon and mysterious changes in this awesome game.

  6. Sectapod says
    02/10/2014, 19:51

    well tahts about time!

  7. henri8000 says
    02/10/2014, 18:06

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo yeah!

  8. Redkardus says
    02/10/2014, 18:03

    Oooooo~ Mega bots is it? Looks like fun. I look forward to obliterating them into melted slag and having the same done to me. Let the games begin…

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