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Robocraft Wins Indie Game of the Year

Robocraft Wins Indie Game of the Year

We’re back! We hope everyone had an awesome new years and got tons of gaming in!

We thought we’d take this opportunity to share some news and some plans as we enter what will undoubtedly be a fantastic year for Robocraft!


It was a very nice end to the year for Freejam! We’re extremely happy to announce that Robocraft has won IndieDB’s “Indie of the Year”. We’re proud that we won the award, but even more proud that we have such a great community who took the time out of their days to go to IndieDB and vote for us!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for showing us that you truly love Robocraft. We were hoping we could manage a place in the top-10, then unexpectedly found ourselves celebrating a 1st place finish! To return your kindness, we’re going to be working hard to implement some great improvements over the coming months.


Later this week, everyone that used the XMAS promo-code and received the wrapped present will find it has unwrapped itself in their inventories to become a… well, you can look forward to that~


We heard, we listened, we understood, we compiled. The community wanted us to focus on fixes rather than implementing new content, so that’s what we’re doing!

Robocraft’s new years resolution is to resolve as many bugs and irritations in Robocraft as possible before February which is…


To make room for the mega-fix, we had to push back the mega-content launch to February. But it just means we have a bit more time to test it and make sure there’s no mega-bugs or mega-issues when we launch the new mega-content.


Thank you for everyone’s support up to now and we look forward to realising Robocraft’s full potential together!


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  1. dorel8881 says
    15/01/2015, 13:52

    freejam* :LL

  2. dorel8881 says
    15/01/2015, 13:52

    freegam (I Love You)

  3. Tom_ZA says
    11/01/2015, 17:45

    Robocraft is only the second game in 8 years that has drawn me away from World of Warcraft (In spite of having an active WOW subscription). The other game was Diablo 3 of course 🙂

    What drew me to WOW was it’s multiplayer PVP in battlegrounds and arena. But sadly Blizzard has reduced the fun of that experience with perpetual balancing issues.

    Robocraft has got it right and is heading in a good direction. Freejam please keep up the good work and you will have my support.

  4. andru20777rus says
    11/01/2015, 15:13

    С новым годом FreeJam ваша игра самая лучшая из игр где над
    о строить

  5. Wounderwaffe says
    11/01/2015, 11:28

    Nice work FreeJam,I love you developers

  6. Sky_Crafter_2000 says
    11/01/2015, 01:32

    we want more promo codes for blocks,&premium

  7. CapAllan says
    09/01/2015, 21:39

    Congrats FreeJam!! I went and made a new account in IndieDB just to vote for one of my most favourite games. Keep it up guys! You deserve this award (and a cookie)!

  8. KreeperGamer says
    09/01/2015, 20:36

    PLEASE tell me the first thing on their list is fixing robosheild

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