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Servers Back Online!

servers_back_v2Hello Robocrafters,

We wanted to let you that the server migration has now completed – albeit with considerable disruption to the Robocraft game due to unforeseen network-related issues. Regardless, we are now pleased to report that and servers are back online and operating as intended. Hooray!

As promised in our earlier status update, we are offering everyone a 1-Day Premium Code (below) as way of apology for yesterday’s downtime.


The code is valid from now through to Thursday January 19th at 12:00 (UTC). For information on how to redeem, click here.

.If you’re a player that has Premium For Life you can apply for alternative compensation if you want to by contacting our support team via this link to receive alternative compensation. The cut off for the compensation claim will be Saturday 14/01 at 12pm (UTC), so please get your ticket in before then.

Again, we would like to apologise for the downtime and the obvious inconvenience this has been to your enjoyment of Robocraft.

Catch you all in-game!