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Robocraft Celebrates 20 years of Alienware


Respected PC hardware manufacturer Alienware are celebrating 20 years of building kick-ass gaming machines and to honour this momentous occasion, we’ve created a very special Alienware-themed Robocraft bundle.

From now until December 10, 2016 (or until we run out of codes), you can claim a free promo code to grab an Alienware birthday bundle containing the following items:

– Alienware mask cosmetic with new glow effects and lasers
– Special commemorative Alienware 20 Years Holoflag
– Six Protonium Salvage Crates


Grabbing your personal promo code is easy; all you need to do is visit AlienwareArena.com, create an account or log-into an existing account, find the Robocraft bundle here and click ‘Get Key’. Please note that there are a limited number of keys available, and so act fast to avoid disappointment.

For instructions on how to redeem codes in-game, visit the Robocraft website: http://robocraftgame.com/how-to-activate-giveaway-codes/

If you’re unlucky and you don’t manage to grab a code, or you want more flags and masks, you can find both of the items in the Robocraft forge where you can use your Robits to create them.


So join us in wishing Alienware a very happy birthday; here’s to another glorious 20 years (raises virtual glass).

If you’re having problems registering for a key on Alienware’s giveaway page, please try again later in the day.

UPDATE: Due to some players using multiple codes on a single Robocraft account, the required Alienware account needs to be a minimum of level 2 in order to claim a promotional code. For information on how to level up your account, please visit the AlienwareArena website.