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ROBO-NANZA! [Event Ended]

ROBO-NANZA! [Event Ended]


Robo-nanza event has now ended.


Step 1) Redeem the following promo code in the login page!

WINMACLIN-631785 <– No longer active!

It will provide you with:



Step 2) The victory bonus is DOUBLED for this weekend, the 6th and 7th!!!

Step 3) ?????

Step 4) PROFIT!


Note: The ROBO-NANZA will be active from now until midnight Sunday UTC + 8! So the double victory bonus will stop at that time and you won’t be able to redeem the promo code after that time, so be sure to use it sooner than later!


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  1. Ryoushiwolf says
    15/09/2014, 04:14

    never did get my nameplate..

  2. ShadowCat1999 says
    11/09/2014, 19:00

    step 1: collect under pants
    step 2:????????????????
    step 3: profit

  3. blackholl822 says
    09/09/2014, 10:55

    hi robocraft? this is game very fun! but, this update after not installed robocraft Launcher!
    fail name=File cannot be installed.. i want play robocraft!
    why fail? plese fix.. error or my computer error? plese talk me!

  4. johiah says
    08/09/2014, 12:28

    never got 2x victory bobnus except normal one

  5. Thunder_Nova says
    07/09/2014, 22:58

    Named a tier 1 mini-plasma tank “Boom Baby!” before this, when I got the banner I put it on immediately.

    Still curious to know what step 3 was…

    was it the beginner vehicle for sale in the shop?

    • Minecraftyugi says
      07/09/2014, 23:11

      the steps 3 and 4 are a reference to south park i think

    • roby27 says
      08/09/2014, 04:48


  6. Thegamer211 says
    07/09/2014, 20:26

    after I finish a battle or practice a grey screen appears and I cant get rid of it

  7. The_Sloth says
    07/09/2014, 18:19

    I’m having the same problem Thrlonius, but this IS in early Alpha…which comes BEFORE beta. They’ve been listening to us players thus far, they should have it fixed sooner rather than later.

    • pikataz says
      18/09/2014, 21:30

      they’ve probably fixed it on BETA and the BETA TESTERS get all the newest material so theyre testing it out

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