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Post-AMA Summary

Post-AMA Summary

Thanks to everyone that submitted their questions to the AMA!

We’ve compiled a list of the most highly voted questions and posted them here for your viewing pleasure!

So in descending order, here they are:

Saving robots designs

Damage over Time (DoT) weapons

ELO in Robocraft



+2 Weapons

Maps, CoM, Copter Blades, Competitions, Robo-Symmetry


Weapon Distribution, Hard Countering, Considerations for E-Sports

Weapon Balance and T10 Endgame

Full-Team Platoons and ‘Clan Battles’

Damage Reports and Controller Support

Electroplate Variety

Biggest Technical Challenge

Games worked on before Robocraft

What caused the Mac/Linux release down time?

Ric pretending he’s actually good at Robocraft



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  1. DraniumLP says
    22/09/2014, 13:27

    i cant open robocraft… why?

    • Thrlonius57 says
      22/09/2014, 13:35

      Me neither get error code

    • Jack_Wilkins says
      22/09/2014, 14:02

      file signature not valid?

      • kacmaster123 says
        23/09/2014, 16:37

        I to

  2. Wauzirex says
    17/09/2014, 17:25

    whats up FJ what is with the big big MAJOR MAJOR thing you leaked? its been a while…

    and where are the custom key bindings 😉

  3. Leory_Brenton says
    17/09/2014, 15:08

    I made a nice short play through.
    Fear my bots!!!!!
    The ground one is in the robo engineering 😀

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