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Reddit AMA 5PM UTC+1!

Reddit AMA 5PM UTC+1!

Update: The AMA is now over! Thanks to everyone who asked questions! It can be found here: http://redd.it/2ftcif


Got a question? Come on by!


What’s an AMA? What’s a Reddit?

www.Reddit.com is a popular website where you can subscribe to ‘subreddits’ to learn more about specific subjects. There’s subreddits for everything, from /r/games for general games related content,  to /r/robocraft for robocraft discussions and images, to /r/aww for pictures of adorable animals.

AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. It’s a popularised concept and subreddit on Reddit where people can offer to answer questions presented by those who may be interested.

Where can I find the AMA?

The AMA will take place on www.reddit.com/r/robocraft which is the Robocraft subreddit. We’ll add a link to it in this post once it’s live, as well as making posts on Steam, Twitter and Facebook.

What time is the AMA?

Question answering will begin at 5pm UTC+1 (8th September). However the thread will be started 30 minutes before that to allow for some questions to build up.

Who will be answering the questions?

We will have MarkDesignJammer, SebCodeJammer and RicArtJammer with us, so we’ll have everyone necessary to answer all types of questions.

The AMA is being organised by myself, OrcunCommunityJammer (a.k.a. Drognin) so I’ll be present too.

What can we ask?

Pretty much anything you come up with. Our opinions on certain parts of Robocraft. Why we made certain decisions. About Freejam / the team. Even questions about the games industry or the types of people we are. Feel free to put a question about the type of espresso SebCodeJammer drinks. There’s a lot of varying experiences and backgrounds within the team so there’s a whole lot of things you could ask.

What can’t we ask?

Generally the only thing we want to avoid discussing is spoiler material about upcoming releases. However you can still ask general questions on whether we intend to implement general functionality.

So, “Is XYZ in the next release?” won’t be answered, but “Do you intend to implement custom key-binds?” would.

Why do an AMA?

There’s a de-humanizing wall that typically stands between developers and gamers. Developers can get so focused on their work that they forget every single gamer is an individual, and gamers can forget that the developers are humans who are working to create the best game they can.

AMA’s are a great opportunity to dedicate a couple of hours to just talking with the community. Some serious questions, some joke questions, some discussion and some casual chatting. We believe this type of interaction is extremely healthy for everyone involved in a game, the developers and gamers alike, so here we are!

Hopefully we’ll see you then!


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  1. Thegamer211 says
    10/09/2014, 13:24

    What we do if all our bots are destroyed and we cant repair because we got no robot points and we cant delete them because they are broken and if we didn’t got any Galaxy coins? New account? Or I have to buy Galaxy coins?

    • sjinderson says
      10/09/2014, 16:40

      then it lowers the tier of the bot wile also turning the armour to the value of 1 till you can repair it so you get 1 shot by tier 2s technically

  2. MrMcBride says
    09/09/2014, 21:53

    I have a lag problem on the build screen I think its the thruster animation on the outside of the building box

    • robotjam says
      10/09/2014, 08:24

      maybe it ibcs your playing in windowd mod

  3. Thunder_Nova says
    09/09/2014, 14:35

    Ah missed it… oh well.

  4. BraveCat says
    08/09/2014, 23:24

    All I want is Mech legs. I dont care about Reddit. Imgur is life.

    Thank You for your time.

    Its Ogre.

  5. ColtroMT says
    08/09/2014, 17:46


    • Tail870 says
      10/09/2014, 18:45

      Just play smartly.

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