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Propeller Update – Patch Notes Preview


We’re super-excited to announce that tomorrow (Thursday, January 12th), we’ll be adding a new movement part to Robocraft with our cunningly-titled Propeller Update!

These two new Propellers are intended as an alternative to thrusters; allowing players to build a wider variety of robots than ever before!

In addition to the new Propellers, we’re squashing some bugs too; full details below.


  • ADDED ‘Propeller Tomahawk’ and ‘Propeller Thunderbolt’ to Robocraft



Lead Designer, Sergii Says: “Propellers have been optimised to be used with heavy flyer builds which is different to our traditional thrusters, which are more suited to lighter Robot builds. They are also bi-directional in terms of force which should give flyers more strategic options than before.”


  • Fixed a bug which caused all Pit games to share the same chat
  • Fixed a bug where the language table is cut off for players whose screen resolution is 800×600
  • Fixed a bug for Chinese language Linux players which prevented some characters from appearing on inventory item names
  • Glass Cube block translated into Japanese
  • Fixed an issue that made the OK button disappear on the Battle Results screen if you or a player sends a friend request and you are already at the maximum amount of permitted friends