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NEW: Unranked Battle Arena added to the game* New play screen Basic Mode has been renamed to Team Deathmatch Normal Mode has been renamed to League Arena Custom Games placeholder added (yes it really is coming soon) In League Arena, all players on the winning team will each receive a Protonium Crate and all players on the losing team will each receive a Gold Crate All League Arena players will now... Read On

Artbot Competition – The Winners Are…

Artbot Competition – The Winners Are…

With the release of the new Kong movie in cinemas recently, it felt like the perfect opportunity to host another of our popular Artbot Competitions. For our most recent Artbot competition we wanted to see your fearsome movie monsters in Robot form. We wanted to see Robots that were based on movie monsters; either live action or animated. We were looking for aliens, monsters in closets, dinosaurs a... Read On

Robostream – New Maps & Movie Monsters

Robostream – New Maps & Movie Monsters

It’s casual Friday – come play with the Devs Livestream Join community manager LeftofNever and Dan SupportJammer this Friday from 16:00 (UTC) for a few games of Basic Mode and much merriment. They’ll be showing off the new maps, dishing out a well-deserved community shout-out as well as announcing the winners of the recent ‘Movie Monster’ Artbot Competition. Joining them at the beginning of ... Read On


NEW: New ‘Dominant’ game mechanic added. When one team controls three capture points for 60 seconds in Normal Mode, they will become ‘Dominant’ whereby the protonium charge rate is greatly increased while they maintain the three capture points. In Normal Mode, when the battle is at 95% a siren sound will now trigger Sudden Death in Basic mode will now play a siren sound In Normal Mode, a siren sou... Read On


NEW: In an effort to make new players feel more welcome, we’ve replaced two of the old starter Robots with exciting new ones. These Robots will be added to new accounts that were created after the release of today’s hotfix 1,039 CPU Starter Mech 1,766 CPU Starter Hover OTHER CHANGES: Matchmaking level banding introduced: Player levels 1 – 5 matchmade together Player levels 6 and above matchmade to... Read On


NEW: Replaced old Birmingham Power Station Map in Basic and Play vs AI Modes with new updated maps: Earth – Birmingham Power Station (2017 version) Earth – Vanguard’s End GJ 1214b – Spitzer Dam GJ 1214b – Ophiuchus Valley Mars – Tihonium Canyon Mars – Tharsis Rift Please note, we are working hard to implement all the other features and changes referenced here. These changes were reverted due to th... Read On

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