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NEW RELEASE – 0.6.274 – FASTER FPS Less Lag all Round: – Game engine upgraded to the latest version of Unity 4.3.1 (which is faster) – Game now makes use of Unity’s UMBRA Occlusion system, which speeds up graphics rendering and CPU – Seb and Ric have done some optimisations of graphics and CPU for the lowest 3 graphics modes, i.e. Fastest, Fast, Normal – Large frame-stalls ... Read On


NEW RELEASE – 0.6.236 – MEATY LASERS MAIN FEATURES: – All Lasers now do more damage, so all lasers will eat into lots of chassis cubes much faster now – L1′s destroy 3 cubes at a time, and L5′s destroy 7 – Armour of cubes has been adjusted upwards to match the change in damage, so an L1 Laser still takes two shots to shoot off an L1 S-TYPE – Laser Cannon Special Effects are... Read On

NEW RELEASE – 0.6.230 TP, Lvl, and CPU BONANZA

NEW RELEASE – 0.6.230 TP, Lvl, and CPU BONANZA Player Level Bonanza: – All users will level up at a much higher rate – It will still be pretty tough to get to level 100 though (you’ll need to do around 1000 battles from when you register) – This means you’ll be able to increase your CPU at a faster rate too TP Bonanza: – Earn TP faster, now you get TP in more ways – E... Read On


NEW RELEASE – 0.6.229 – RP BONANZA Major changes as follows: – You always earn a good amount of RP every battle, even if you lose – But, you can double, even triple your RP if you and your team does well – Bravery Bonus is now awarded if you lose, i.e. get killed, teleport out because you got stuck, or if your base is captured – You get more Bravery Bonus the longer you sur... Read On

MINOR UPDATE – 0.6.220

MINOR UPDATE – 0.6.220 FEATURES: – Infamous “placement glitch” is now much harder to achieve – Enemies now properly colored – Screen sometimes got stuck in a blurred state when using Instant Repair feature – Hover Blades speed increased, especially at the high levels – You can now exit the game from the log in screen by pressing ESC (this got broke, and is now fixed) Read On

Mac and Linux Versions Now On Steam + More!

Mac and Linux Versions Now On Steam + More!

Major launch of Robocraft onto two new platforms along with a few improvements to the game NOW ON WINDOWS, MAC and LINUX – Mac and Linux versions now available via Steam – All future updates, feature releases, and new content will be available on all platforms – Updates will always release on all platforms simultaneously The majority of our time was spent preparing the Mac and Li... Read On

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