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  • New ‘Dominant’ game mechanic added. When one team controls three capture points for 60 seconds in Normal Mode, they will become ‘Dominant’ whereby the protonium charge rate is greatly increased while they maintain the three capture points.
  • In Normal Mode, when the battle is at 95% a siren sound will now trigger
  • Sudden Death in Basic mode will now play a siren sound
  • In Normal Mode, a siren sound will trigger when there is one minute remaining
  • In Basic Mode, when any team requires one kill to win, a siren sound will now play
  • In Normal Mode a ‘Draw’ voiceover will play in the event of a draw


  • Fixed a bug which prevented a player’s MMR from displaying correctly in the friends tab if a clan had a long name. Only the first nine characters will now be displayed followed by ”…”
  • Replaced missing language translations for the current BRAWL
  • Fixed a bug which made it possible to Blink through the Protonite Core
  • Fixed a visual bug that caused the trail effect of weapons to be stopped by the low power shield on a base
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the “first team to reach the target total” voiceover from playing in Basic Mode
  • Fixed a bug which caused the Team Victory/defeat voiceover to play twice
  • Fixed a bug which caused the new structure on Spitzer Dam to have no collision detection.
  • Fixed a missing asset visual bug on Ophiuchus Valley Map
  • Fixed a floating barrier visual bug on Ophiuchus Valley Map
  • Fixed a bug which caused garage thumbnails not to update correctly if a player enters Test Mode straight from Edit Mode, before returning to the Mothership
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the new user buff from being removed on a small number of accounts that were created during the recent A/B test which ended on 15th March. This test is detailed here.
  • Added line breaks for Japanese BRAWL text to improve readability