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Movie Monsters Artbot Contest


It’s always fun coming up with new themes for the Artbot competitions and given there is a new Kong movie that’s currently smashing up the US box office, I thought it would make a great theme for a competition.

Those of you old enough to remember Steven Spielberg’s 1993 classic Jurassic Park, will no doubt have spotted our homage to the dino monster marvel in our 4th Birthday image last week. Not only was it a great image; it tied in nicely to this week’s Artbot contest on the theme of Movie Monsters.

The Brief:

So, for this Artbot competition we want to see your fearsome movie monsters in Robot form. Your submissions can be any monster that has been committed to film; either live action or animated. Please note that shorts or TV series aren’t allowed; full-length movies only. The movie monsters can be anything from Abominable Snowmen and T-Rex through to Sharks and Vampires – so get your creative hats on and get building.

Remember, you’re building a robot that must fit into one of the following five categories:

  1. Three legs or less (humanoid monsters, snakes and Graboids)
  2. Motorized monsters (monster trucks, cars from hell, flaming motorcycles)
  3. From the ocean deep (giant squid, massive sharks, Kraken)
  4. Four or more limbs (giant spiders and killer rabbits)
  5. Flying monsters (Mothra, Dragons, Flying Monkeys)

The Prizes:

Five winners will be chosen; each will receive either one week of premium membership or 25 protonium crates (which will be awarded if the winner has lifetime premium). In addition to this, an overall winner’s robot will become a ‘Featured Robot’ in the CRF (Community Robot Factory).

The Rules:

  • Follow the brief
  • Submissions must be your own work
  • You can submit as many Robots as you like, however will only be eligible to win one prize
  • Competition period: Monday 13th March 2017 – 23:59 (UTC) Sunday 19th March 2017
  • Entrants must design a Robot based on the given theme (the brief) during the competition period
  • The judges decision is final and correspondence will not be entered into over why one Robot was picked over another
  • Entrants must upload their robots to the CRF
  • The term DB12 must be included at the beginning of the robot title when uploaded to the CRF
  • The submission category MUST be included in the Robot description
  • By entering the competition you grant Freejam permission to use your design in future promotional activity
  • HAVE FUN! (this is the most important rule)