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Moderator Guidelines

Minimum Requirements for Moderators:

You must be 18 years old or older

You must have been a registered user for more than 3 months

You must be Player Level 150

You must have never received a warning in game

You speak clear English (we need to be able to communicate with all moderators via English)


Moderator Types

There are 3 moderator types:

[MOD] A normal in-game moderator

[ADM] A MOD with extra powers

[DEV] Reserved for Freejam developers


Mod Commands

Mods have two commands, known as a ‘warn’ and ‘silence’. The commands are typed in this format:

/warn <username> <reason>
Adds a permanent warning on the player’s account. Three warnings result in an immediate and permanent suspension.

/silence <username> <reason> <duration(days)>
Silence the player from talking in chat.

/unsilence <username>
Unsilence a silenced player.

Example: “/warn Brutalbic1 Exploiting a bug to gain an unfair advantage”

The <reason> field is the reason that you are warning the player. This ‘reason’ will be displayed in a dialogue that pops up on the offending player’s screen and will be logged on the servers. It is very important that you give a reason every time you give a warning, silence or suspension. We record the reasons and will use them to determine if a user can be unsuspended.


Admin Commands

Admins have a few additional commands:

/suspend <username> <reason>
Permanently suspends a player’s account.

/suspend <username> <reason> <duration(days)>
Temporarily suspends a player’s account for the duration stated.

/unsuspend <username>
Unsuspend a suspended player.

Example: “/suspend Morlly Using 3rd party tools to exploit the game”

Example: “/suspend Morlly Exploiting a bug to gain an extremely unfair advantage 7”


Current Admins

  • Teyloll (Chinese)
  • Baerentoeter (German)
  • Brutalbic1 (English)
  • Tommyfoxy2 (English)
  • Radiun (English)
  • Jendar2012 (Russian)

Current Mods

    • knightryan (Chinese)
    • DMCN_S_R (Chinese)
    • BRindustries (Dutch)
    • Arbitrated (English)
    • AryakTheBoss (English)
    • AwEsOm_O_3000 (English)
    • Captain-Crawdad (English)
    • Deegobooster (English)
    • Dennisman106 (English)
    • Deputy_Spork (English)
    • Blaze212 (English)
    • BloodLad (English)
    • ebbit (English)
    • GodsLegend (English)
    • HERPERLERPICUS (English)
    • JSUInsane (English)
    • Kaoelol (English)
    • KingOfAcesX (English)
    • mrpythagoras (English)
    • NeoSporinMD (English)
    • NGniusness (English)
    • ScavengerFX (English)
    • SHOMOFO (English)
    • ShuTingYu (English)
    • Sheep_wielder (English)
    • El3veN (French)
    • Karillya (French)
    • Pistou (French)
    • Rafyfou (French)
    • BrainSplinder (German)
    • Gottchar (German)
    • LoKoreeza (German)
    • motorbit (German)
    • pikinor24 (Italian)
    • GrafEisen (Japanese)
    • LEoREo_2247 (Japanese)
    • erutaso (Japanese)
    • thetorojanhorse347 (Japanese)
    • DixkeyPL (Polish)
    • Univ3rse (Polish)
    • julianonds (Portuguese)
    • gs8778 (Portuguese)
    • Linmoon (Portuguese)
    • Aquinary (Russian)
    • gospelman (Russian)
    • Ubertwink (Russian)
    • Whiffle_bat_wacker (Russian)
    • alcome1614 (Spanish)
    • Naxoxdag (Spanish)
    • NivImpromptu (Spanish)
    • ProttKpax (Spanish)
    • ruminovplay (Spanish)
    • JSUInsane (Vietnamese)