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Micro Bots Community BRAWL – Out Now!


Bee aware, big things come in small packages

We’ve shrunk things down for ‘Micro Bots’, our third community-created BRAWL. The Elimination mode BRAWL comes from the mind of community member Luam_the_elf and is a 500 CPU or below BRAWL with only small weapons permitted – you’ll find no Chain Shredders or Proto-Seekers here!

The full BRAWL rules are:

– Game Mode: Elimination
– Map: All Elimination maps in rotation
– Number of Players: 10 v 10
– Permitted Weapons: Laser Wasp, Plasma Pulser, Rail Piercer, Nano Binder and Tesla Slicer
– Special Rules: All robots must be 500 CPU or below
– Bonus: 2x XP + additional crate

Click here to read the full patch notes