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How do I get more RP?

  • The higher your Robot’s ‘Robot Ranking’, the higher rewards you get in battle.
  • Another way you can get more RP is to get Premium Membership, you get 100% more RP as a member.


How do I increase my Robot’s Robot Ranking?

  • As you add Cubes to your Robot, the Robot Ranking increases.
  • The more you add, the higher your Robot Ranking.
  • More powerful Cubes increase your Robot Ranking more.
  • Chassis Cubes also increase your Robot Ranking.
  • Your Robot Ranking is shown in the HUD at the bottom of the screen in the Mothership.


How do I unlock new Cubes?

  • When you level up, you unlock one or more new Cubes.
  • Newly unlocked Cubes can then be purchased in the Cube Depot.
  • You can see what you’ve unlocked in the Tech Tree.


How do I get more CPU?

  • Each time you ‘Level Up’ you gain more CPU.


How do I ‘Level Up’?

  • Level Up by earning RP in multiplayer battles.
  • If you level up, you will be shown an animation when you return to the mothership after a battle.


What is the highest Player Level?

  • The highest Player Level you can reach is 100.


What is the quickest way to kill an enemy Robot?

  • As soon as the enemy Pilot Seat is separated from any non-Chassis Cubes the Robot is destroyed.
  • So, one way is to shoot the Cubes directly under your enemy’s Pilot Seat.
  • Another way is to destroy all the functional Cubes on your enemy’s Robot, i.e. Wheels, Electroplates, SMGs etc.


Can I publish YouTube videos of Robocraft, and can I monetize from them?

  • Yes, it’s great if you publish videos of Robocraft on YouTube, and it’s fine to monetize from them.


How do I get into the Red Team?

  • You are always in the blue team, the enemies are colored red on your PC and on their PC you are red.


How does the match-making work?

  • The Match Making system takes into consideration Robot Ranking, Platoons, weapon distribution and whether a robot is a flyer or not. It uses these parameters to try and balance the two teams as fairly as possible


What do the Helium Cubes do?

  • Each Helium Cube applies a constant force upwards.
  • This force is reduced with vertical velocity, so it rises slowly (like a balloon).
  • Helium Tank’s also have high ‘drag’, so adding them to your Robot will stabilize it in flight, but will also slow it down.


I can not log into the game and I have verified my account, what do I do?

  • Please visit the Troubleshooting section to fix this issue: http://robocraftgame.com/robopedia/troubleshooting/


Robocraft is in Alpha, will my account be reset when it goes to Beta?

  • No, we plan to never reset user accounts.