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How do I improve my robot?

  • In Robocraft whenever you take part in matches or log-in you earn Salvage Crates which grant the players various cubes, cosmetic items and weapons to go in your inventory and apply to your robot.
  • Salvage Crates are split into six different categories (Rusted, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Protonium) with the number of items contained in each crate dependent on game mode and activity. Items that appear in Salvage Crates are chosen at random
  • 50% of each Salvage Crates’ item slots aren’t available to all players unless they have a premium subscription.

What is CPU?

  • All robots in Robocraft rely on CPU (Computational Processing Unit) and every cube which is added to a robot has a cost. Once this CPU limit is reached, players can no longer add new cubes to their robot.

How do I get more CPU?

  • The total CPU available to the player is governed by player level and as players earn more experience in-game by taking part in matches.

What is the highest Player Level and highest CPU?

  • The highest Player Level you can reach is 150, at this level players unlock 1500 CPU.

What is the quickest way to kill an enemy Robot?

  • Equip lots of weapons on your Robot and make it as agile as you can so that you’re a hard target to hit.

How often is Robocraft updated with new content, game modes, etc.?

  • Robocraft tends to recieve major updates at a frequency of once a month, but this cadence can go up and down.

Can I publish YouTube videos of Robocraft, and can I monetize from them?

  • Yes, it’s great if you publish videos of Robocraft on YouTube, and it’s fine to monetize from them.

How do I get into the Red Team?

  • You are always in the blue team, the enemies are colored red on your PC and on their PC you are red.

How does the match-making work?

  • The Match Making system takes into consideration CPU and the players recent win:loss record. It uses these parameters to try and balance the two teams as fairly as possible

What do the Helium Cubes do?

  • Each Helium Cube applies a constant force upwards.
  • This force is reduced with vertical velocity, so it rises slowly (like a balloon).
  • Helium Tank’s also have high ‘drag’, so adding them to your Robot will stabilize it in flight, but will also slow it down

I can not log into the game and I have verified my account, what do I do?

When will Robocraft be out of Early Access?

  • Currently Robocraft is in an Alpha state. When the game is in stable state and the featureset is at a point where we as a development team are happy, we’ll exit Early Access. There currently isn’t a timeframe on this transition.

Robocraft is in Alpha, will my account be reset when it goes to Beta?

  • No, we plan to never reset user accounts.