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From Passive Power to Active Energy



With this week’s game-changing and very exciting ‘Fast and Formidable’ expansion, which you can read more about here, we will be re-branding the Power Booster from what it is currently into the ‘Weapon Energy Module’. With this post we want to give you a clear indication as to the changes coming this week.

Currently, the Power Booster converts CPU into additional power giving the player a boosted 25% power regeneration rate. However, this wouldn’t work as efficiently with the new ‘CPU vs. Weapon Energy’ changes coming this week. So, we went back to the drawing board and opted to change the Power Booster from a passive (always-on) device into an active ‘Weapon Energy Module’ that is assigned a loadout slot and activated when needed.


So, how’s it going to work?
Just like with any other module (Disc Shield, Blink and Ghost etc), the new ‘Weapon Energy Module’ occupies one loadout slot and once activated in battle, it delivers the user a fixed amount of weapon energy in an instant. The amount of energy given equates to 100% of the weapon energy bar on a 2,000 CPU robot and 50% of the weapon energy bar on a 500 CPU robot.


The ‘Weapon Energy Module’ stats/cost/rarity will remain the same, however it will now be subject to a 60 second cooldown. Depending on player and internal testing feedback, the cooldown rate may change.


It’s also worth noting that the ‘Weapon Energy Module’ cannot be activated if a player’s weapon energy bar is already at 100%. Additionally, the ‘Weapon Energy Module’ will not charge the weapon energy bar beyond 100% – there’s no over-clocking of the weapon energy bar here folks!

We’ll wrap up all of the changes coming in the Fast and Formidable expansion in the preview patch notes coming later this week.

UPDATE: After more internal testing we’ve discovered that the 60 second cooldown is a bit too quick for this module, so we’ve increased it to 120 seconds. Once the changes go live with the Fast and Formidable expansion, we’ll be tracking very closely if this is fair balance-wise and we’ll make changes accordingly. Thanks all!