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Freejam / Yogscast Charity Robot Results

Freejam / Yogscast Charity Robot Results

Last month we launched our first ever 100% for charity robot in the roboshop. Now here are the results of Freejam and the Robocraft Community’s efforts!

In total we raised $12,600 for charity!

Our share of this was sent to Médecins Sans Frontières today, which is enough to pay for 80 life-saving blood transfusions in West Africa! Thanks to the kindness of the Robocraft community, we’ve managed to save up to 80 people’s lives! And they say games are a waste of time!

The other half of the money raised will be given to The Yogscast to hand out to their supported charities.

We want to thank those of you who participated not just by buying the charity robot, but by talking about the event, posting your support for the idea and making this an overall positive experience. It was our first time doing a charitable event and thanks to your support, it certainly won’t be our last!


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  1. PineCrafter
    PineCrafter says
    18/01/2015, 09:36


    @freejam: great job guys! my 70 quid worth of robots payed off… kudos to you!

    @nubs trying to get free jam: My response has been deemed inappropriate. but I shall Include the letters used in the beginning of each word: FUYHLS! FJGYSFM, ATYDT?! IAGTFYAYMSFHTYSAOTF!!!!!!

  2. MA3T3R says
    18/01/2015, 05:31

    nice work robocraft

  3. notice30 says
    13/01/2015, 23:02


  4. pres1381 says
    11/01/2015, 18:46

    can i get 200 tech stars for each tear

  5. Spcae_Bod says
    11/01/2015, 14:13


  6. Edwinexd519519 says
    11/01/2015, 12:25

    Why I love the wolf-legs 🙁

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