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Propeller Update – Patch Notes Preview

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    300kg.. Yeah just put a few in front of your plane to completely kill your pitch!

    Lets not be naive, given the ludicrously tight envelope where mass vs thrust = top speed, you know full well why they were that weight 🙂

    <cough> so they couldn’t be bolted to certain builds <cough>

    As a side note, I would image given that it’s thruster from the front of the plane, it’s something which would inherently kill issues with the additional weight up there…. who knows, we’ll find out tomorrow eh 🙂




    mass vs thrust = top speed

    Mass and thrust affect acceleration, not top speed.

    Top speed is dependant on the hard caps that freejam add.



    Is this going to be able to counteract drag do you think? If it does…

    Grabs zeppelin and begins to work on implementing propellers



    Great job, @FJ, also nice stats.

    Now you can remove rotor blades and allow these propellers to be placed vertically.

    You can also reduce CPU cost of mega wheels.

    You can also replace shields with armor on mech legs, and replace armor with shields on sprinter legs.

    You can also remove speed cap from skis, so people start using them over nameplates.

    And fix many things that have been designed upside down.



    we’ll find out tomorrow

    how much Flak players can be happy
    and for how little time the movement part can be used



    I have to test it first, but what I can see I don’t like that max speed and weight.
    My WW2 fighter are faster now and if propeller will work as airbreak then I will forced to continue in using T1 rotors.

    Can I get propeller just like cosmetics without any function ?



    Not enough Hp/Cpu to be Competitive as an external part, and somewhat spammy. The big one could easily have 175k Hp, and even then medium(1000cpu) bots will need to use 4 and big bots 6-8, and unless they fly by the power of magic losing them will seriously mess up your control. I would have liked a 200 cpu option, the small one will be mostly a one off at the back of some designs and the big one will allow artbots to replace their rotors.

    By looks of it they are barely a step up from building wing armor out of cubes and putting cheetahs on it.

    My best idea is to use one in the back and the front with some thrusters but why bother when you can just invest about 100 cpu into internal thrusters that carry even 2000 cpu planes and going to be the last thing you lose. Spending 100 cpu on some fragile exposed target sign is not a great deal.


    Cool, this should be fun. However it would also be nice to know the carry capacity of the rotors, considering they are rather heavy in themselves. Also It would be a very good QOL feature to have a carry capacity indicator.

    They dont have a carry cap since they are “thrusters” the wings are what will hold the mass.

    Must… build… AC-130… or… Galaxy

    Speaking of which can we get TD guns already… a fixed gun with narrow traverse but better stats… I wanna build my rail panzer that has a massive fixed railgun, would also fit well for aircraft



    Can they be placed vertically and/or sideways? And does the hitbox extend to the blades or is the hitbox solely on the motor itself?



    Why is the CPU cost so high on these things?
    Also, I really hope they can be placed vertically.
    Building a VTOL just for kicks if not practicality would be great.



    Is this going to be able to counteract drag do you think? If it does…

    It should but not in this game. Devs locked speed according to robot mass.
    Yes, bigger robots should move slower but due to increased drag not mass.



    I think someone before me allready posted this somewhere beyond 2nd Page.
    But can we actually have Thrust Output on Thrusters and the new Propellers?

    Max Speed is kind of a grey-number, since it highly depends on both the Total Weight / Carry Capacity of the Build, and the Amount of Trusters and Propellers used.

    Stats seem okay in my opinion.
    I assume one Propeller can replace a fair amount of Thrusters, maybe around 2-4 of the same Quality.



    mass vs thrust = top speed

    Mass and thrust affect acceleration, not top speed.
    Top speed is dependant on the hard caps that freejam add.

    Errrm , not sure if we’re talking at crossed purposes here, but I’ve got a rocket sled I’ve been fart-arsing about with for the past week, I can assure you that 3 things have occurred.

    a) when adding more thrusters, true the acceleration improves, but the top speed does go up, i.e. the speed it reaches once it’s finished accelerating, I’ve tested this over and over in the past week and I’m more than happy to share the build fo rthe sake of discussion (it’s actually amusing to play)

    b) I’ve also noticed that there seems to be an anomaly (an this could welllll be down to the diminishing returns rule which is no longer displayed in stats) that when adding either more thrusters, past a certain point I wouldn’t gain any net top speed increase, and actually believe it or not I went slower. A crazy theory was at that point (whether or not combined with diminishing returns) was that the mass of the thruster was “across the line” of where the thrusts it adds was specifically negated by the mass now installed – crazy right?

    c) taking the same number of HIGHER tier thrusters and then adding a few say 3-5 of another set of lower tier thrusters ALSO affected the top speed, it reduced it, so I now have more overall thrust, and the same theoretical top speed, so why do I now have a lower top speed?

    Like I said more than happy to share the WiP build, it’s essentially a VTOL sled, no other movement parts just thrusters, and you know me, it’s pretty pimp (kek)




    If wing distance from center doesnt improve rolling speed (like it should) these things are going to be terrible on planes unless they’re center mounted given their mass

    even then, like STW said earlier, your pitch is going to tank. Absolute flak food

    • This reply was modified 1 year, 5 months ago by  shyguyk.

    Please let these have small centered hit boxes.
    Please let me believe that you guys would make the smart decision on that.
    Please don’t let these just be reskined horizontal rotors.

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