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left old clan; looking for a new one

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    im silent
    im flexible
    im not particularly skilled
    but im willing to improve in any way you want
    i am looking to become someones lackey
    and it should be known that i am no nervous heartache
    i have been told that when i do speak, my speech is frequently ferocious

    im willing to follow any clan rules you throw at me as long as im treated with minuscule respect

    tongue of the eminent (semi-fluent)



    Hi Porcelain_Puppetress

    You are welcome to apply for membership in Unitas Gloria. We have a lot of experienced and very active members (some vets with over 4000 hours gameplay…) and we play both competitive and casual. We have members from around the world so you will almost always find some of us online.

    Please check us out at:

    Discord: https://discord.gg/gfN3m46
    Website: http://unitas-gloria.enjin.com/home
    Recruitment: http://robocraftgame.com/forums/topic/unitas-gloria-recruitment-page-recruitment-open/
    RCG: http://robocraftgarage.com/clan/bsxBFY89

    We look forward to hearing from you!




    I see you already posted on our recruitment page, but how about giving the Hau5fighters a shot anyways?

    We require no application.
    We require no skill.
    We require no sacrifices to any Elder Gods.
    We have at least one veteran who thinks he’s a piece of toast with a face (don’t ask, he’s special).
    Most of our current members are fairly active, playing at least once per day (many much more than that).
    As long as you play at least 2 battles per day, or equivalent over time, you’re golden.
    You can totally be a lackey for me, I love lackeys! Domination starts at home, ya know.

    We got no website, no discord, and no Robocraft Garage listing. Maybe that will change? Maybe not? Won’t know unless you join up!

    I won’t try to stop you from joining Unitas Gloria, but if that doesn’t work out (or if you’re too lazy to apply) why not join us? Feel free to leave any time, I won’t judge.

    Though I may plot something sinister behind your back… (I kid, honestly).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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