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Incremental Updates This Week – w/c 20/03/2017

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    Idea: add party support for AI mode.



    noticed this morning I could still play (as the EAC into launch robocraft into background nothingness subsided a few days.)
    Until this afternoon, this tenacious bug showed up again.
    If it ever has anything to do possibly with it, I only noticed now this post and saw about the 14o’clock change – that’s about when I played again and when the problem occurred again..
    Doing the whole verify files in steam, reinstall eac etc.



    FJ always releasing on new content while game-breaking issues like abuse/bugs/disconnects are what they’re “working on”.



    When are the hover buffs coming out? Were they part of the problem?



    Thank you for asking your beta testers to be beta testers. Not to be too salty, but this is a welcome change – let us know about an upcoming change and then ask for us to test/evaulate the impact. That is a great way to get good feedback and not alienate your established user-base with sudden, unpredictable, and often massive changes.
    Please consider keeping this change in your policy for all future updates as well, at least until you get out of Beta.
    Thanks again, and good luck finding the bug(s)!!

    I second this, thoroughly and strongly.



    FJ always releasing on new content while game-breaking issues like abuse/bugs/disconnects are what they’re “working on”.

    FJ has a tiny staff with only two programmers. I’m guessing their hands are so full with implementing new content that they barely have any time to fix the ever-growing backlog of bugs. They need to hire at LEAST one more programmer to handle the workload.



    Ah, so being on a map other than the power station in AI mode was intentional. I was a bit confused for a moment there.

    Regarding that, so far I’ve been on O-Valley and T-rift in vs AI, and many of the AI bots that get thrown into the fray just immediately get stuck . . . especially on O-Valley.

    Part of that is just because about half the bots are poorly built, but having those maps with very busy terrain just breaks them.


    What happened to the hover updates?

    Are they on the timeline?

    Balanced hover physics to improve user experience:

    Increased general acceleration to improve responsiveness and reducing drift
    Reduced general velocity to maintain current speeds
    Increased dampening so bot comes to stop sooner after releasing key
    Increased velocity cap to maintain current speed with thrusters added




    Ophiuchus Valley’s mid point platform was missing when I played it.



    Oh you’re right I didn’t notice that.

    Now I’m not sure if it has something to do with the current update, when I feel like recording some gameplay footages I noticed my FPS is unstable oscillating at 25-40 range whereas before the update it was 50-55 average. Both are at Fantastic quality setting
    Other than that, my FPS is 60 average when playing usually without recording.

    I’m using Fraps.



    Tried to join AI mode, got no picture when battle loaded, restarted the game and got this:

    Can somebody please help me?

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    at first: Thanks to you, FreeJam for your nice game and all your optimization efforts!
    Your game is constantly improved with very less people working on it – so it’s clear that new adds have bugs and these bugs take a while to be eliminated.

    I hope that many people will know this and keep being patient.

    For the last update (and maybe one step before):
    Since yesterday evening for every game I’m on average 4 minutes (3-6 minutes, never less!) in the waiting queue for the match making (and it shows the normal waiting time with 15-30 seconds, as always). There seems to be something not really working as intended.

    Good luck for the bug hunt!

    For information if necessary: I’m player with level 240.



    I just want to ask what the compensation will be for players who are Prem 4 Life. Will it be the same as last time where we need to request alternate compensation, or is something else in the works this time? Don’t forget, we’re still here and like shinies too.

    Aside from that, more of this please. The whole “Communincating beforehand about updates and asking us to test it instead of awaiting forum riots when something breaks” stuff. This is good stuff, communication is key. I like, and I hope everything goes well on your end.



    UPDATE 1: 12:40 (UTC) – 20/03/2017 Matchmaking level banding introduced: – Player levels 1 – 5 matchmade together – Player levels 6 and above matchmade together

    Don’t you love it when a level 160+ veteran can now be matched with a level 6 ̶n̶o̶o̶b̶ newbie into the same team…


    RIP Elimination

    I just found this…

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