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Exterminatus – Open Recruitment!

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    Exterminatus is now recruiting!

    Looking for active players that are primarily English speaking. No rules, no agenda, no drama. Just looking for a solid core of people to easily build parties from, and we’ll see where it goes from there!

    Discord will be preferred voice chat option, but we’re not putting the cart in front of the horse. Clan is “lone wolf” friendly. Play how you want, when you want.

    Contribute to the overall Robits total, be rewarded accordingly. Profit.

    Post here, or message Techn0mancer in game if you’re interested in building something together!




    This week has been a busy one, learning the new maps and enjoying the microbrawls!

    We are still looking for members, especially people that are interested in being a dedicated “core” of the clan, so post here with your in game name, or message me in game if you’re interested in helping us build an active, full clan!

    Techn0mancer <—that’s a zero in the middle



    Exterminatus is still looking for active people for farming and fun! Search us up on the clan list or message Techn0mancer in game to join!

    If you don’t know how to search for a clan look for the “C” icon in the lower left of your screen, by the chat field and click it:

    Then click the search field in the upper right:

    Then type in the name of the clan you want to find and hit search, or browse the many fine clans available!



    Still looking for motivated members that QQ less and Pew Pew moar! Message Tristonius, stoneroad2 or Techn0mancer in game, or follow the above instructions to join us! Recruitment is open! Bring your friends, and your mothers! If they’re hot.




    I am interested in joining this clan, from your description it sounds like one that will increase my enthusiasm to want to play again. I have been playing this game for about 2 years (although using multiple accounts) and this is the one i primarily use most. I enjoy building interesting (and good looking) bot designs and primarily play a medic and an anti-drone plane (I detest drones). I am quite a casual player but I do get some good scores every now and then. The clan i am in right now (and will be leaving, if you are willing to accept me) has pretty much deteriorated since a few months ago, with hardly any players left and nobody else really playing that much. Only problem I can see is that I don’t have a mic; but, I can type quickly and can listen to you guys on discord (just not chat, obviously).

    I hope you accept me! xD

    (I will message you in-game when i can but i’m using a phone right now :/)



    Haven’t been able to get ahold of you in game yet Panda, but our recruitment is open at the moment! With all the updates, buffgate, rollbacks etc, folks are just chilling waiting to see how things shake out. Unless we’re doing an MMR push, comms aren’t super necessary. Just time spent playing with folks that know what they’re doing, learning each others behaviors will beat having a mic every time anyway. ;-D

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    Ok cool, also yeah i couldn’t contact you either, you were always offline (i assume we were just missing eachother). Im out for a few days but when i get back to my PC i will attempt to contact you ingame agai



    HI i joined your clan. do you have a discord server or something else to talk.



    hey there, i am a flyer looking for a clan that would like to have a group or atleast a buddy to play with.



    https://discord.gg/9rPqcMP <—- Discord Nf0!

    Welcome aboard! Tristonius has been hosting some “how to” basic game sessions tonight, and we’ve all been chipping in on advice/howto’s so hop onto discord and introduce yourselves!

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    As a heads up, I am in the process of moving this week, and coincidentally, Tristonius is as well (synchronicity!) so please follow the directions laid out above for joining if you are interested!

    There has been some confusion I think about what kind of player we are looking for, as we have a wide range of members inside of Exterminatus. Casuals ARE welcome, and the MMR of Tristonius (and occasionally, myself) should not be off putting. We have several very active members that don’t participate in rated matches at all. We are not a “hardcore” clan, although we have a hardcore core that does work to continually improve. The only thing we ask is that you’re active and contributing to the robits distribution at the end of the season!



    Hey, my IGN is KawaiiDingus and I am looking for an active clan to play with. I am very active, I play about 6+times a week and I have discord.



    I’d like to join, ign is xXAKmonkeyXx and i used to play a lot (~830 hours) back when tiers were a thing and smgs were OP, started playing again and having a blast (definitely active) I’m mainly a drone user (Plasma/PSK) but also have a railer i use every now and then. I’ll message you or the clan in game also!

    -I was in the clan for a few days, but it wasn’t very active.

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    Hello there! I’d like to join! I am a relatively active player (if I don’t have a lot of school work), and I use a Plasma/Flak Mech. IGN: Blaise2003

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