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Damage textures

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    What if you could see how much damage a certain block has taken. If you look at the game Space Engineers(or many others), the damage on each block can be seen. This is more realistic and helps you make tactical decisions. Also it looks more awesome in general!


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    Why do you need damage textures, if everything is completely destroyable by tiny blocks? What could be more realistic, than actually destroying your robot by ripping it into pieces? And by the way, I dont have much time in battle to look for slightly-damaged or heavily damaged textures, just because every shot destroys 2-3 blocks, and these textures make no sense is such situation.



    like cracks in the cube



    Cool idea!


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    Thanks Crafty,

    Cracks would be cool, but you can also think of some smoke and fire for those with fancy pc’s



    I like this idea, neonself, you really dont get their damage system, for higher armor blocks this would be very useful, for instance, i have seen the devs in alot of places say that the damage goes on to connecting blocks until all the damage is separated throughout the blocks that the laser hit

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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