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♎VIRTUAL PARADOX♎ – Recruitment: Open

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    Hello, RC members

    I am here to Recruit some members to my clan.
    I am going to have a very causal clan except for when it comes to league.

    *Rules to join:
    1. Must be civil and not rude to clan mates.
    2. Must be civil to others. Game trash talk happens sometimes and that’s ok.
    3. Must be a somewhat active member. (I my self wont always be on. But i will have Captains appointed later on. They will be your group leaders.)
    4. Must be 18+

    I would love to shoot for at least 15 members.
    I have been around since MegeBots / Boss Battles, Im fairly decent at the game and can only be better with a working clan so we can group and play games togeher…

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    Would like to get 15 members at least… I been playing this game a while and most good clans is full of people so I am here to start my own.
    I am 32 so I wont be doing childish things like racing and art bots… And I been a gamer for many many years console mainly.



    I would like to join. I only have one Plane but it is a remake of the B-17 in WWII. Heavy Fighter. Anyway.. I would just like to join.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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