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Elimination Battlegrounds Update – Coming Tomorrow


Get your battle Robots prepped, primed and ready for action as tomorrow (April 6th, 2017) we’ll be unleashing a new BRAWL – Elimination Battlegrounds! This new BRAWL will see the return of the Elimination game mode with battles taking place across all six of the new maps! So grab your best bot and get ready to unleash hell free of both build and weapon restrictions.

Alongside the new Elimination BRAWL, we’ve fixed a load of bugs too; you’ll find these below.


  • Elimination Battlegrounds BRAWL added to the game
  • Score has been rebalanced to determine the best performing player more accurately. As part of this rebalance, objective score is now more generous overall


  • Game Mode: Elimination
  • Map: All six maps
  • Number of Players: 5 v 5*
  • Permitted Weapons: All weapons and movement parts permitted
  • Special Rules: None
  • Bonus: 2x XP + additional crate

*Note this is the first time elimination has been 5v5


  • Fixed a bug which caused the ‘assign loadout’ menu to not update correctly when placing and removing weapons on a Robot in Edit Mode
  • Fixed a bug which caused an error when a player purchased a Robot from the CRF intended to reside in their 100th (final) garage bay
  • Updated the error dialogue box when a player attempted to exceed their 100 garage bay cap
  • Fixed a bug that showed a no star increase when a player jumped to their next League rank whilst having less than 5 stars
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the 1-minute remaining siren from activating in Team Deathmatch
  • Fixed a bug which caused the cutscene voiceover to overlap with the in-game voiceover in Battle Arena
  • Updated the hover-over BRAWL description text
  • Updated the images used for the game modes on the PLAY screen
  • Corrected the text on the League Battle Results Screen
  • Fixed the color theme on the file browser pop-up
  • Updated the PLAY menu text into multiple languages
  • Fixed a bug which prevented players from linking their existing Robocraft account to their Steam account
  • Fixed a bug which caused players who only captured points not to receive a reward