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  • Elimination Battlegrounds BRAWL added to the game
  • Score has been rebalanced to determine the best performing player more accurately. As part of this rebalance, objective score is now more generous overall


  • Game Mode: Elimination
  • Map: All six maps
  • Number of Players: 5 v 5*
  • Permitted Weapons: All weapons and movement parts permitted
  • Special Rules: None
  • Bonus: 2x XP + additional crate

*Note this is the first time elimination has been 5v5


  • Fixed a bug which caused the ‘assign loadout’ menu to not update correctly when placing and removing weapons on a Robot in Edit Mode
  • Fixed a bug which caused an error when a player purchased a Robot from the CRF intended to reside in their 100th (final) garage bay
  • Updated the error dialogue box when a player attempted to exceed their 100 garage bay cap
  • Fixed a bug that showed a no star increase when a player jumped to their next League rank whilst having less than 5 stars
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the 1-minute remaining siren from activating in Team Deathmatch
  • Fixed a bug which caused the cutscene voiceover to overlap with the in-game voiceover in Battle Arena
  • Updated the hover-over BRAWL description text
  • Updated the images used for the game modes on the PLAY screen
  • Corrected the text on the League Battle Results Screen
  • Fixed the color theme on the file browser pop-up
  • Updated the PLAY menu text into multiple languages
  • Fixed a bug which prevented players from linking their existing Robocraft account to their Steam account
  • Fixed a bug which caused players who only captured points not to receive a reward