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Connection Issues Update


Hello Robocrafters,

Here’s a quick update on today’s server migration. Unfortunately the transfer process has taken longer than anticipated and on live there are a number of different network-related issues currently affecting service.

You may be experiencing issues including (but not exclusive to): extended loading periods, robots not loading, CRF-related issues, unable to connect to chat, errors trying to play a game and clan/social errors. Some players may even fail to connect to services altogether.

We sincerely apologise for these issues and our network team are working extremely hard to rectify them as soon as possible. Currently there isn’t a timeframe for when Robocraft servers will return, but we are working to make sure they are back up and running as soon as possible.

For the time being, please refrain from submitting further support tickets until service returns to normal.

We will update you more when we have ironed out all the issues. Rest assured we’ll be giving you all a 1 Day Premium code when in-game service has resumed as usual to compensate everyone for the delay playing.

Again, we sincerely apologise for the problems impacting your play time today and we hope to get Robocraft services back up and running very soon.

Thanks for being patient during this downtime. Your support will power our efforts thru the night!