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Community Vote 4 – Choose Your BRAWL!


UPDATE: And… That’s all she wrote folks – the vote is now over! We’ll announce the winning BRAWL suggestion tomorrow (1st February). Thanks to everyone that took part.

Over the past few days, we’ve been inviting you, our community of awesome players, to suggest our next BRAWL via the forums and the shortlist of winners is in!

One of the things we said when we first launched BRAWL was that we’d let you come up with scenarios for future BRAWLs – and this week we opened the floodgates. We had over 200 BRAWL suggestions and now we’ve whittled all the suggestions down to 6 for everyone to vote on below.

Before you vote, please take a look at the finalists below:

1) OLD BUT GOLD by Orih
– BRAWL Description: Old but Gold, bring back the old Robos and let them battle in Elimination
– Game Mode: Elimination
– Map: All Maps
– Number of Players: 10v10
– Permitted/Excluded Weapons: Excluded: Aeroflak, LomL, Ion, PSK, Chain Shredder
– Permitted/Excluded Movement Parts: Exclude: Sprinter Leg, Mech Leg, Propellers
– Special Rules: no auto healing, no modules

2) BOOMSTICK LAND created by Strongestgimp
– BRAWL Description: StrongestBrawl’s Boomstick Land
– Map: any
– Number of Players: 10 vs 10
– Permitted/Excluded Weapons: both shotguns permitted only
– Permitted/Excluded Movement Parts: Sprinter Legs permitted all other movement excluded

3) BABY BOTS by Luam_the_elf

– BRAWL Description: Baby Bots
– Game Mode: Elimination
– Map: Standard Elimination map rotation
– Number of Players: 10 vs 10
– Permitted/Excluded Weapons: Only small parts of weapons for example (laser wasp, or Plasma Pulse) no LOML, PSK, Flak, Chain Shredder, or Ion
– Permitted/Excluded Movement Parts: all permitted
– Special Rules: bots allowed: 500 cpu and down only

4) HEAVYWEIGHT MELEE by Goldfish911

– BRAWL Description: Heavyweight Melee
– Game Mode: TDM
– Map: Birmingham Power Station
– Number of Players: 5v5
– Permitted Weapons: Teslas
– Permitted Movement Parts: Tank Tracks, Mech Legs
– Special Rules: 1000 CPU minimum – it’s heavyweight, not lightweight!

5) Bullet Time created by Khoakuma
– BRAWL Description: All projectiles are much slower. Lots of dodging.
– Game Mode: TDM.
– Map: Birmingham Station
– Number of Players: 5v5
– Excluded Weapons: LOML, PSK, Nano Constructor, Ions (homing or hitscan weapons).
– Permitted Excluded Movement Parts: All.
– Special Rules:
– Auto-heal timer set to 15 seconds
– All projectile speed are reduced by 60%

– BRAWL Description: Watch your back, Keep your ears open, And prepare your blades…
– Game Mode: The Pit
– Map: Any
– Number of Players: 8 (All vs All)
– Permitted/Excluded Weapons: Tesla ONLY
– Permitted/Excluded Movement Parts: Sprinter Legs ONLY
– Special Rules: Modules recharge time reduced by 30%

In order to have parity with our previous Brawls, rewards will remain the standard “earn 2x XP and an extra crate for your first victory”.

Vote for your favorite BRAWL via the form below:


The voting process will be open until Tuesday 31st January at 5pm (UTC) and the winner will be announced on Wednesday 1st February.

We hope to add the BRAWL into the game next week, pending further testing. Thanks all!