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Community Spotlight: Robocraft Garage


Robocraft Garage, long time member of the Robocraft community has just released their own clan functionality

So what better time to do a community spotlight on them and show off how awesome they are? Robocraftgarage’s creator has been kind enough to lend us his time and answer some questions about RCG and the functionality it provides. Check out the spotlight below!


1) Who are you?

Hi Robocrafters! My name is Mattias and I am the founder and developer of the fan community website RobocraftGarage.com. I go by the nickname Nixell throughout the gaming world and have played Robocraft since 2+ years back.


2) What is RobocraftGarage.com?

It is a place for Robocraft players to unite, share robot creations, create tutorials and much more! The fansite has been on internet’s surface since October 2014 and has grown stronger ever since. I can confidently say it currently is the largest available fansite and that is all thanks to the amazing Robocraft community.

3) Why did you create RobocraftGarage.com?

Web development has been my passion since many years back. It is my job, hobby and dream. I also love gaming, especially creative games and arena games, where Robocraft is both of those. Perfect, everything lines up!

So, one night I tried to find a fansite where I could share my Robocraft experience, but the only ones I found lacked features and/or were basically dead already. Then I went “lets fix this” mode as a developer and from there on it all happened! Ultimately I want to improve Robocraft’s community experience for all players out there is some way.

4) What’s this we hear about new clan support on RobocraftGarage.com?

Yesterday RobocraftGarage.com was updated with one of the biggest additions so far; Clan Pages. Any user can set up a clan page in a matter of minutes with the help of an easy-to-use admin panel. Clans on Robocraft Garage are almost like their own website once set up. A clan page may consist of clan news, about page, members list, clan robot collection and application form. The admin panel also include some handy tools to manage member hierarchy, clan invitations and more. Pro tip: You can create secret hidden clans to secretly s
hare top notch robots with your friends, just never hit that “Go Public” button in the admin panel. 😉


5) Where can people learn more about your website? Any social media?

Users say the website is very easy to use. Check out the website yourself to see how it all cogs.

Robocraft Garage Website

If you want to chat with the community and/or have more questions I strongly recommend Discord.

RCG Discord

Follow on twitter @RobocraftGarage to get website and event updates + daily robot highlights.

RCG Twitter

It’s soon Robocraft Garage’s birthday (7th October) as well, so really excited to celebrate that with the community. It will contain some history of Robocraft Garage if you are interested. Keep an eye out for that.

Last but not least, check out this awesome video SpaceKryptonite made for the clan update: