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– Community BRAWL III – Micro Bots by Luam_the_elf.


– Game Mode: Elimination
– Map: All Elimination maps in rotation
– Number of Players: 10 v 10
– Permitted Weapons: Laser Wasp, Plasma Pulser, Rail Piercer, Nano Binder and Tesla Slicer
– Special Rules: All robots must be 500 CPU or below
– Bonus: 2x XP + additional crate


– Fixed a bug that allowed players to avoid losing MMR by pressing Alt-F4 before the end of the battle. Players not finishing the battle will always be treated as if they had lost and will thus lose MMR. Those that are far away from our servers or who have poor connectivity to our servers don’t worry, we’re actively working on Reconnect now
– Players disconnecting during the loading phase of a battle will lose MMR as if they had played the battle and had lost, thus losing MMR
– Fixed a bug which caused the mouse to unlock from the client which resulted in the player ‘tabbing out’ of the game
– Fixed a bug which caused the respawn counter to appear if you died during the end-game ‘supernova’
– Fixed a bug in edit mode that caused the loadout UI to appear while pressing “z” in chat
– Fixed a bug which caused all the names of members within a Clan to highlight blue
– Fixed a bug which caused a player to see “Error: Unexpected Error” if they tried to create a Clan with a “.” at the start or end of its name
– Fixed a bug that prevented a player’s score from doubling in Basic Mode if they caused damage to another player after the battle had been won by their team
– Fixed an intermittent bug that displayed the scrollbars in the forge, recycler and inventory in the wrong place