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Community BRAWL II – Bullet Time – Out Now!


Ohhhhh Matrix

Last week we released our first ever community-created BRAWL, Old but Gold. It was a great success and you guys loved it. So, how do you fancy another?

We’ve followed the white rabbit and entered the Matrix with the 2nd most voted for BRAWL designed by the players. Now it’s time for community member Khoakuma’s Bullet Time to enter the arena. The Team Deathmatch BRAWL is all about slow projectiles so expect to go all ‘Neo’ on your opponents with lots of bullet dodging.


– Game Mode: TDM.
– Map: Birmingham Power Station
– Number of Players: 5 v 5
– Excluded Weapons: LoML, PSK, Nanos, Ions and Tesla Weapons*
– Special Rules: Auto-heal timer set to 15 seconds, all projectile speeds are reduced by 60%
– Bonus: 2x XP + additional crate

Click here to view the full patch notes

*To ensure that the BRAWL didn’t become a Tesla-fest (as Tesla weapons would not be affected by the projectile speed reduction, we opted to remove these from the BRAWL).