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Clan Seasons – Deep Dive


Coming later this week, Clan Seasons!

As part of our efforts to reward players for banding together in clans, this week’s update will implement a new system which we’re calling ‘Clan Seasons’.

The purpose of Clan Seasons is to introduce regular, monthly rewards of additional robits for all members of a clan. As each member participates in battles, it increases the robits reward so the more active a clan, the more robits everyone within receives. So how does this work?

Just like for leveling, players in a clan accumulate a Season XP while participating in battles; typically by burning an enemy player to a cinder, healing up an ally, or taking objectives; this is referred to as SXP. At the end of each battle, any SXP earned is added to your Clan’s XP total for the current season. This is referred to as TXP (it’s your clans Total XP). At the end of the season this TXP determines how many robits each member of the clan receives. But how do seasons function?


Clan seasons will be one month in duration, starting on the 1st and ending on the last day of the same month. Once a season has ended, the next time a player logs in they will be taken to a special screen which shows all the stats for the last season such as total TXP earned and total robits earned. They will then receive their seasonal reward.

As the Cash of Clans update is launching this week, in the middle of a month, we’ll be starting with Season 0. It will be a short season that only lasts until the end of October. However all TXP based robits rewards will be tripled for this period. Then, from November 1st onwards we will begin Season 1 and continue on a monthly cycle. But how many robits will you earn?


Roughly speaking, if every player in a 50 person clan plays Robocraft for one hour a day, at the end of the season each of those players will earn enough robits to forge a legendary component.

There are a few more important things to note about Clan Seasons as well. Firstly, players with premium earn twice as much XP as players without premium, which means they will contribute twice as much to the TXP of the clan, and thus provide more robits for themselves and their clan mates.

Furthermore, players who have not contributed to the clan’s TXP in a given month won’t receive a share of the clan-wide robits reward. You reap what you sow and all that.

That’s Clan Seasons! If you would like to discuss the upcoming update with your fellow Robocrafters, head on over to the forums!