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Clan Season 5 Summary


We know many of you are interested in seeing how well your clan performed against other clans. So, here for your enjoyment are the best performing clans from March’s Clan Seasons.

If you’re a new Robocraft player or not currently in a clan, you’re missing out on free Robits! That’s right, any player in a clan can get free Robits at the end of each Clan Season. A season lasts a calendar month and the amount of Robits a player can receive depends on every clan member’s performance in battle during the course of the season. The more XP a clan accumulates during the season, the more Robits all the clan members receive at the end of each season. For more information on Clan Season, read our Deep Dive.

With the start of a new Clan Season, we must celebrate the clans that performed the best last Season. The following, in descending order, are the top ten clans for March.

10: The_Matrix – XP total: 45,649,233
9: Night_Eagle – XP total: 46,540,397
8: -BeeHive- – XP total: 47,358,696
7: USA – XP total: 49,335,141
6: RussianUSSR – XP total: 51,413,575
5: Vikings – XP total: 54,333,256
4: North_Kingdom – XP total: 55,886,287
3: WMNG-Robocraft – XP total: 57,378,983
2: HYBRIDS – XP total: 60,774,794
1: RUS_Robot – XP total: 65,647,064