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Clan Season 1 Summary

clan_season_1_endMore than 1.1 billion Robits earned in November

Having kicked off our Clan Seasons initiative mid-October, November saw the first full month of Robocraft players racking up XP for both themselves (to level up) and for their clans in order to earn Robits at the end of the season. And with the recent Thanksgiving Double XP Event, you filled up the virtual XP Jar until it was overflowing with XP; all of which boosted the speed at which you levelled up and in turn, meant that you received level-up Protonium Reward Crates quicker and of course increased your end-of-season Robit earnings.

As Clan Season 2 has now started, we thought you’d like to know how the very first full clan season went.

So here are, in reverse order, the Top Ten XP earning Clans in Robocraft (putting on a radio DJ voice to count down from 10 to 1)

10 – Farmers – XP total: 67,084,427

9 – NYA-Clan – XP total: 73,075,479

8 – Vikings – XP total: 73,761,852

7 – The_Greys – XP total: 77,319,319

6 – -RJPW- – XP total: 77,496,049

5 – Legion-Brazilian – XP total: 84,154,215

4 – OverPowdered – XP total: 91,291,985

3 – Blissful – XP total: 92,700,362

2 – chainsdeath – XP total: 101,643,508


1 – AtlasCore – XP total: 150,422,352

A massive congratulations to AtlasCore for hitting some serious numbers this month; in both XP earned and Robits each member received.

Will AtlasCore be number one next month? Only you can decide that… So, get your Clan team orders out there, party up and fight like there’s no tomorrow.. And remember, the more XP you earn during Clan Season, the more Robits you’ll get at the end.