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Christmas BRAWL II – Sleigh Slayer NOW LIVE!


Santa’s Rail-free Revenge

With the holiday season in full swing, what could be better than battling across the festive Hellion Crater with Thruster-powered sleighs? Today we swapped out the last BRAWL mode for a Ski and Thruster only mode that we humorously called – Sleigh Slayer. Nanos and autoheal are permitted again, but Rails are off the table – Sleigh Slayer is a Rails-free zone.


  • Game Mode: Elimination (10v10 / no re-spawn upon death)
  • Map: Christmas Hellion Crater
  • Permitted movement types: Skis and Thrusters
  • Excluded movement types: Wheels, Tracks, Mech Legs, Insect Legs, Sprinter Legs, Hover, Rotors, Wings and Rudders
  • Excluded weapon types: Rails

The Sleigh Slayer BRAWL runs from 10:00 am (UTC) on December 22nd, through to the first week of 2017.

Please note that the BRAWL change-over will NOT require any maintenance downtime (Huzzah!); however BRAWL mode will be locked for about 10 minutes while we swap over the rules.