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Chat is back!

Chat is back!

Yes, the lobby chat is back and improved.


  • Lobby Chat is back on, and now users are placed in rooms with max 100 in each
  • New match making selects between two types of match-making:
    • Fair Match – All Robots are evenly matched
    • Challenge Match – Challenge yourself against larger Robots, lots of small Robots versus a few larger Robots
  • Lasers re-balanced so they now do more damage up the range of levels
  • Client and server upgrades so we can now theoretically support many more users playing online at the same time
  • Performance improvements, so you should see better FPS, and less LAG when fighting

NB: Currently match-making is just using ‘Challenge Match’ setting, but later today will start randomly choosing between them


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  1. isaacmorrow says
    13/01/2014, 21:33

    So… are plasma cannons coming out this Friday?

  2. robotkiller22 says
    13/01/2014, 16:18

    when I try to open the game it says I don’t have the update also when I go on the launcher It says that the update is there

  3. Hybbki says
    12/01/2014, 15:35

    Same news but in polish: http://indiebase.pl/news/robocraft-powrot-czatu/
    To samo tylko w języku polskim jeśli ktoś chce 🙂

  4. c3767060 says
    12/01/2014, 09:12

    The top priority should be the friend system, I hate playing with retards who can’t organize. It totally ruins the playing experience. When is it going to be available?

  5. isaacmorrow says
    11/01/2014, 23:03

    Just stop increasing the power of the laser cannons!!!!!!

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