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Release Notes

HOT FIX – 0.6.710

HOT FIX – 0.6.710 – Buffed weapon armor by 30% – Reduced SMG recoil force again so that we reduce gun chairing Read On

HOT FIX – 0.6.708

HOT FIX – 0.6.708 – Friend list clipping fixes – Friends list drop down no longer stays on screen when used – Hex Tree info box displays on items that are available to be unlocked – Hex Tree load time improved – Health bars changed to show ‘health’ as ... Read On


HEX TREE, SPECTATOR MODE – 0.6.706 LOADS OF NEW FEATURES!!! – New Hexagonal progression on the Tech Tree – Spectator Mode, so you can watch how the battle plays out after you died – Added a % CPU indicator on the enemy ID HUD, this shows % of remaining CPU – Show the am... Read On

BUG FIXES – 0.6.681

BUG FIXES – 0.6.681 A few Minor Bug Fixes Have Been Cleaned Up: – An issue some players encountered where they were unable to login has now been fixed – An issue with the loading bar not working has also now been fixed fixed – A bug where it was not possible to change your sc... Read On


NEW CUBE – 0.6.675 – RADAR JAMMER & RADAR RECEIVER Early access to 2 new cubes for Premium users starts today with the Radar Jammer and Receiver. These cubes will be available to all users on Saturday 3rd at 3pm. RADAR RECEIVER: – Allows you to receive the signal from the Enemy... Read On

REPAIRS – 0.6.347 – 15% PLASMA BUFF

REPAIRS – 0.6.347 – 15% PLASMA BUFF Treading the fine line of OP and UP on the Plasma’s and trying to compute the myriad of awesome feedback from all you Jammers we’ve decided to give the Plasma’s a small 15% buff. DETAILS: – Only change is a 15% increase in damag... Read On

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