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Release Notes


NEW: Reconnect Feature – For more info on reconnect, read our Dev Jam. *Please note that the Reconnect does not work in Elimination or Pit game modes. Prizes for Solo League Competition have been added to the game – these will be manually added to winning player accounts Uncommon Grounds... Read On

Reconnect Update – 1.5.2478

UPDATE:  Due to unforeseen issues with today’s Reconnect Update, we have reverted the game back to it’s previous state. We will address the issues and update the game soon™. Apologies for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience and support. NEW: Reconnect Feature – For more ... Read On

Hellion Crater CARnage Update – 1.4.2474

NEW: BRAWL: Hellion Crater CARnage BRAWL Rules: Game Mode: The Pit Map: Hellion Crater Players: 10 Special Rules: Max CPU 1,100 Permitted Movement: Wheel Discoverer Only Permitted Weapons: Tesla Slicer Only First Win Bonus: 3x XP and 3x Protonium Crates T-Rex Cosmetic Mask added to the game. For mor... Read On

5th Birthday Update –

NEW: Body Builder Artbot competition winners added to the game – The following robot bodies have Been added: Mantis by WurmpleWarrior Scientist by Cipher7 Submarine by Sarr_Cat Train by SaveTheWhales Breacher by Cipher7 Special 5th birthday celebration flag – To celebrate Robocraft’... Read On


NEW: Improved networking code designed to reduce player disconnections in battle RC Winter Games BRAWL – In celebration of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in South Korea, the E14 have decided to host their own Winter Games: BRAWL rules: Game Mode: The Pit Permitted Movement type: Skis, Wheels,... Read On


NEW: Big Battle Arena BRAWL Rules: Standard Battle Arena Rules Game Mode: Battle Arena Players: 20 (10 v 10) Map: Gliese Lake CPU Limit: 2000 CPU per robot XP for Building A/B test – Our new Building XP system allows players to level up while they are building robots. As long as you’re activel... Read On

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