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New Releases

HOT FIX – 0.6.717

HOT FIX – 0.6.717 Bug Fixes: – We fixed the bug with the game crashing during the loading screen. Should no longer happen – We Fixed the issue with shadows on Aerofoils – Removed some of the broken AI robots from practice mode – Purchasing premium now correctly enables ... Read On

PATCH – 0.6.714

PATCH – 0.6.714 AEROFOIL STATS – 10 x levels of aerofoils – You need to be travelling fast enough to get ‘lift’ – Flaps are automatically assigned to WASD, SHIFT & SPACE based on position and orientation – 4 aerofoils and 1 rudder is the best way of maintaining stab... Read On

HOT FIX – 0.6.710

HOT FIX – 0.6.710 – Buffed weapon armor by 30% – Reduced SMG recoil force again so that we reduce gun chairing Read On

HOT FIX – 0.6.708

HOT FIX – 0.6.708 – Friend list clipping fixes – Friends list drop down no longer stays on screen when used – Hex Tree info box displays on items that are available to be unlocked – Hex Tree load time improved – Health bars changed to show ‘health’ as ... Read On


HEX TREE, SPECTATOR MODE – 0.6.706 LOADS OF NEW FEATURES!!! – New Hexagonal progression on the Tech Tree – Spectator Mode, so you can watch how the battle plays out after you died – Added a % CPU indicator on the enemy ID HUD, this shows % of remaining CPU – Show the am... Read On

BUG FIXES – 0.6.681

BUG FIXES – 0.6.681 A few Minor Bug Fixes Have Been Cleaned Up: – An issue some players encountered where they were unable to login has now been fixed – An issue with the loading bar not working has also now been fixed fixed – A bug where it was not possible to change your sc... Read On

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