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NEW: Gyro Mortar Weapon: Rarity: Legendary CPU: 290 Fire rate: 1 per second Max fire rate count: 1 Power per shot: 2,282 Damage per shot: 236,967 Blast radius: 50 meters Projectile speed: very slow Angle of Fire: 10° – 80° (optimal angle for greatest distance 45°) Health: 117,450 Mass: 1160 kg... Read On

Rare Rumble BRAWL – 1.1.2333

NEW: BRAWL BRAWL Name: Rare Rumble BRAWL Description: Destroy your enemies on battlegrounds where legends will be born not played. In this Battle Arena BRAWL all Epic and Legendary parts are prohibited. BRAWL Rules: Game mode: Battle Arena Map: All Battle Arena maps Excluded parts: All Epic and Lege... Read On

ROBOCRAFT 1.1 UPDATE – 1.0.2329

NEW: Steam Achievements – players loading Robocraft through the Steam Client and logging in with their Steam ID will now earn achievements for completing different challenges in the game. To see the full list of achievements, click here. BALANCE CHANGES: In this update we fixed a bug that prev... Read On

ROBOCRAFT 1.0 HOTFIX #2 – 1.0.2319

Based on your feedback, we have made the following balance changes in Robocraft: BALANCE CHANGES: The Disc Shield Module cooldown has been increased from 25 to 30 seconds The Windowmaker Module CPU has been reduced from 135 to 100 Mech Legs and Sprinter Legs now move at 75% of their full speed with ... Read On

ROBOCRAFT 1.0 HOTFIX #1 – 1.0.2316

BALANCE CHANGES: Based on feedback from the community, we’ve made the following balance changes to the game: In this hotfix we’ve made a significant change to the Physics of Aerofoils (i.e. Wings and Rudders) designed to reduce the effectiveness of super-tough, flying-bricks with ‘... Read On

ROBOCRAFT – 1.0.2315

NEW: Cosmetic CPU Every Robot will have a Cosmetic CPU Pool Putting a single cosmetic part onto a Robot will remove 1 pFlop from the Robot’s Cosmetic CPU Pool When the number of cosmetic parts added to a Robot exceed the available Cosmetic CPU Pool, the pFlops from the Robot’s regular CPU Pool will ... Read On

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