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New Releases


Today we have deployed a new hotfix to solve some issues that were formerly in the live build. These are: BUG FIXES: Fixed a bug which caused EAC to not install correctly for first-time players Fixed a bug which caused some Mech and Sprinter Leg parts to not display (render) correctly at a distance ... Read On


NEW: Hallowfest 4 special event Halloween mothership Spooky in-game music during battles, in the mothership and during menus Pumpkin salvage crates Cackling skulls from Aeroflaks Spooky Aeroflak explosions Hallowfest 4 splash screen Scary death screams when a player dies in battle Spider Insect Leg ... Read On


Today we’ve released a balance change update to Robocraft which contains the following changes: Chain Shredder accuracy improved (now 15% more accurate than Chain Splitter) LOML Stinger and LOML Viper damage increased from 52,426 to 57,669 Proto-Seeker damage increased from 4,323 to 4,755 Gyro... Read On

Heavy Artillery BRAWL Update – 1.2.2351

NEW: New BRAWL BRAWL name: Heavy Artillery Permitted weapons: Plasma and Mortar only Permitted movement: Mech Legs and Tank Tracks only Permitted CPU: 1250 and above Game mode: Battle Arena First Victory Bonus: x3 XP and x1 crate OTHER CHANGES: Updated Gyro Mortar splash damage VFX when you hit your... Read On


NEW: Gyro Mortar Weapon: Rarity: Legendary CPU: 290 Fire rate: 1 per second Max fire rate count: 1 Power per shot: 2,282 Damage per shot: 236,967 Blast radius: 50 meters Projectile speed: very slow Angle of Fire: 10° – 80° (optimal angle for greatest distance 45°) Health: 117,450 Mass: 1160 kg... Read On

Rare Rumble BRAWL – 1.1.2333

NEW: BRAWL BRAWL Name: Rare Rumble BRAWL Description: Destroy your enemies on battlegrounds where legends will be born not played. In this Battle Arena BRAWL all Epic and Legendary parts are prohibited. BRAWL Rules: Game mode: Battle Arena Map: All Battle Arena maps Excluded parts: All Epic and Lege... Read On

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